All Teevolution products include a warranty, which aims to provide peace of mind for users all across the world. The warranty policy is as follows:

The warranty provided is in addition to the rights granted to you by applicable laws and legislation.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated in documents or information, any agreement, or otherwise by Teevolution or the specific seller/site/store directly, the warranty period is twelve (12) months.

The following are usually NOT covered by the warranty:

  • Defects caused by disassembling the product, third-party modifications, neglect, wrongful use, etc;
  • Defects caused by normal wear and tear;
  • Consumable items such as mouse grips, mouse skates, etc;
  • Damage caused by electrical, fire, water, or other events of force majeure.

As per standard warranty guidelines, Teevolution will honor the warranty, when applicable, and will provide a warranty repair or warranty replacement.

Please note: Products undergoing a warranty repair or replacement will be inspected, and the final decision rests upon the store/site of purchase. For items damaged during shipping and handling, they will be looked at on a case-by-case basis, with the responsibility falling on the courier.

For detailed information, please see the additional information below.


Item Purchased from Teevolution Stores / Authorized Retailers

For warranty policy, please be aware that different regions, and different stores, may have different warranty policies. As per above, may have different policies or coverage, depending on the region, and status of the product (ie: sales product, etc). In this case, please contact the store directly for more information.

For all other situations, feel free to contact us at